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Sci-Toon on Space Colonization

The cartoon deciphers how the space will be colonized by humans with the help of robots and machine. The colonization is done in phases starting from the phase 1 which includes transport of greenhouse to help with the formation of oxygen, methane and hydrogen gas which can be further used as a biofuel. The plants are helped with growth compressing the atmospheric gases present on the mars, as the mars do contains carbon dioxide. The architect of a fully packed glass building with positive oxygen pressure for laboratory research testing and human survival testing is shown, and using rover landers to detect the surface and elements present in it.

The connection to the earth is made by the satellites that connects the signal from mars to earth. Further the research is being carried out in joining the moon to the mars in order to have easy track of daytime and night time.

A thing to know-

Growing plants on Mars to produce fuel sounds like science fiction, but it's a fascinating concept in space colonization. Imagine high-tech greenhouses on the red planet, where specially engineered plants thrive despite harsh conditions. They'd need Martian soil tweaks, artificial sunlight, and extracted water. Once mature, these space crops could be harvested and converted into biofuels, powering future Martian colonies. It's a bold idea, part of the grand adventure of turning an alien world into a new home for humanity. 🚀🌱

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Dr. Sebastian V.A.
Dr. Sebastian V.A.
Sep 25, 2023

Vow! m sure one day this becomes a reality!!

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