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About Us

With our innovative and insightful ideas, we strive to enhance our user's knowledge. Founded on November 12, 2017, our incredible team of students have worked tirelessly to bring In-XITU to the forefront of the industry. We will continue to work relentlessly to become the technological standard and provide big picture insights. Get in touch to learn more.



To amalgamate theoretical and practical learnings and expand student’s horizons in biological sciences to make concepts approachable.



To create an integrated platform where students get a hands-on learning experience in plant biotechnology as well as understand and develop a scientific knowledge base touching upon various fields of biology.

Our Story

Students of St. Xavier's college, Ahmedabad initiated this mock start-up for first-hand industrial experience. We are a student-driven entrepreneurial unit that helps us to get an idea of the dynamics of industrial biotechnology. This initiative is especially for third-year students who pursue Vocational Biotechnology (VBT) along with Biochemistry as their major in St. Xavier’s College.  

We felt the need to create a digital identity to keep up with the changing times. A global pandemic is also one of the reasons we are bringing our initiative online.

This online portal is for every inquisitive mind who yearns to transcribe their theoretical knowledge into practical skills thereby setting new standards in better understanding of the subject. 

Moreover, we are open to all sorts of discussion and teeny tiny queries related to the same and connect our little world to yours! 

Our main motto is to show how one should never stop experimenting and as they say greatness comes with great knowledge and adaptability.

Happy planting 

Our Team
kshti x_edited.jpg

Kshiti Vyas


mandira x new_edited.jpg

Mandira Roy


harsh x.jpg

Harshraj Singh

System Analyst

adhya x_edited.jpg

Adhya Param

Marketing and Web-Design Head

shraddha x.heic

Shraddha Pathak

Research and Development Head

tasnim x_edited.jpg

Tasnim Sheikh

Quality Control and Production Head

shina x new_edited.jpg

Shina Suthar

Human Resource Head



  • Established in 2017, In-XITU witnessed  myriad of changes and unfolded a path for students to apply what they were learning.

  • Our biggest client this year was IFFCO, which gave our products as gifts on World Environment Day.

  • We also represented St.Xavier's College at Grand Education Fair.

  • Various workshops on molecular biology were conducted.

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