Biomania: Unwind your Creativity

In- Xitu presents you to Biomania 

It aims to expand your horizon and give you a chance to present your thoughts with the power of words. The students from classes 11 to the ones pursuing bachelor's degree are welcome to show their writing proficiency. Selected students will get the chance to get their articles published on our website. What’s better? You all get a E-certificate as an appreciation for the efforts you have put in. 
So come on friends let’s write!

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Registration fee: INR 100/- per submission
Last day of registration: 23rd July 2022
Submission accepted till: 04th August 2022
Results declared on: 08th August 2022
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 After payment we'll let u know submission details.

For any queries feel free to contact us +917490958802 or



      For the Essay:

  • The entire article should be written in TIMES NEW ROMAN (font)

  • Word count : up to 1500 words. (Excluding the references) 

  • The article should include:- 

  1. Abstract

  2. Introduction 

  3. The main body that would contain all the explanatory points and conclusions. The main body can be further subdivided as per the demand of the article that is being written.

  4. Make sure that there are subtopics/points within the main body, as it would make the article more vivid and conveying.

  • Articles with plagiarism above 5% -10% would not be considered. 

  • The image should be in a sequential manner. Labeling to be done in the following manner 

       figure 1; image courtesy/source (reference), figure 2 image; courtesy/ reference and so on.

  • Essay should be book aligned.

  • The reference should be mentioned.

  • Write your name along with the name of your college/school at the end of the essay.

  • The essay will be evaluated on the basis of relevance to the theme, your own viewpoint, conciseness and grammar.

  • All entries would be through online mode only.

   For the Poster:

  • The poster must illustrate, interpret and emphasize the theme.

  • Write your name along with the name of your college/school at the bottom right corner of the poster.

  • Poster could be handmade or made digitally.

  • The poster must be made on the A3 size (11.7 * 16.5 inches) sheet with margins (0.5 inches).

  • The Topic of poster and theme should be clearly mentioned at the Top Margin of the Poster.

  • The Poster is to be submitted in online in JPEG Format only.

  • Entries would be judged on the basis of relevance to the theme, creativity, originality, message conveyed by the poster, effectiveness in communicating the intended message and color scheme.

  • All entries would be through online mode only.